The agile42 Approach

Best practice to introduce Scrum, Kanban & lean thinking

agile42 features a tailored approach changing your company to an agile and lean method of working.

We recognize that your organization and culture is unique, which implies a unique implementation of any new methodes like Scrum, Kanban and XP Practices like Testing, Pairprogramming etc..

Our efficient combination of management consulting, knowledge transfer, team training and coaching on the job and a practice based tool support will be the basis for your success as well as for many other international agile42 customers.


What is Scrum?

Scrum is an iterative and incremental process for product development and the organization of teams. Tasks will be achieved faster and with higher quality with the aid of the Scrum-Framework. This is possible because of the high self-motivation of the team, which chooses itself how the tasks will be executed. The customer demands will be iterative prioritized and quickly realized.

Scrum in a Nutshell

Scrum describes three different management roles that make up the Scrum team: Product Owner, Scrum Master and the Development team. These three roles are equal, each with special tasks and responsibilities. The Product Owner, is responsible for eliciting requirements, prioritize them and the most important to present the “vision” and the goal to the team, i.e. what the final product should look like. The development team is responsible for the development of a product, its quality and the technical realization. 

Scrum in one Sentence

“Scrum is a simple "inspect and adapt" framework that has three roles, three ceremonies, and three artifacts designed to deliver working software in Sprints, usually 30-day iterations.” (1. Scotland, A. Scrum @ the BBC. in JAOO. 2005. Aarhus, Denmark: EOS.)

Scrum Roles, Ceremonies & Artefacts

Scrum does not know classical roles like Product Manager, Project- or Teamleader. The most important Scrum Roles are all management Roles and are on the same level:

Scrum Ceremonies

  • Sprint Planning Meeting
  • Daily Standup Meeting
  • Sprint Review Meeting & Retrospektive

Scrum Artefacts


Business Value Game©

The Business Value Game supports the Product Owner when communicating with the other Stakeholders. It is very helpful when you are prioritizing Requirements or User Stories.

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Scrum Implementation

agile42 has helped a lot of companies to introduce Scrum successfully. Agilo is based on these experiences. More about our consulting and training approach and some references are available here:

Agilo™for Scrum

The next generation of Agilo for Scrum addresses the needs of each scrum role by providing an intuitive workflow that facilitates the ceremonies of the scrum process, and by exposing simple interfaces for managing the scrum artifacts.