The Agile Management Framework -  Training & Coaching

Why Lean Management and Agile Leadership?

Agile approaches such as Scrum expose organizational issues - mainly at a project level -, such as: difficulties of co-locating project teams, dysfunctional processes and quite a bit more. However, being agile only at the "project level" misses other fundamental parts of the organization with which your agile teams will have to interact. For the best possible performance it is very important that the whole organization is aligned with the same strategy, approach and pace. Therefor agile42 developed the Agile Management Framework which includes the trainings, coaching and tools we are offering here.

 Agile Transition for Manager means:

  • Understanding the role of Management in an Agile organization at every level
  • Learning how to use new tools to control the business flow
  • Making the right decisions instead of making decisions right
  • Creating a transparent and motivated environment for the teams
  • Having better communications through the whole organization

agile42 Strategy & Leadership Training

Agile Management Tools

agile42 created effective and easy to use tools to support the management during the transition and further on.

Agile Strategy Map ™

A Strategy refers to a plan of action designed to achieve a particular goal. The Agile Strategy Map is a tool, which helps to define, track and support you and your teams to reach a strategic goal. 

Agile Solution Cafe 

The Agile Solution Cafe creates a facilitated open space where topics are allowed to emerge that are normally lurking in the dark and where focused collaboration happens. We facilitate your people through the process that will allow you to find your own solutions.

System Thinking Challenge 

 Through interactive simulations you will experience the Systemic Approach. We enable you to identify the patterns and constraints of your company to improve your processes.

Big Tower Challenge 

In our training module Iterative & Incremental Excellence we teach you how to develop a complex product without big upfront planning - Get things done!

Successfully coordinating and supporting the Agile Change means for the whole management to understand how your organization can support at best your business goals, react to changes, how you can guide your teams, make the right technology decisions and much more. Our management workshop and trainings focus on:

  • Lean Management (Get Control of the Agile Change)
  • Agile Leadership (Understanding agile Leadership) 

What you will learn

  • Agility - its principles & values
  • Agile Leadership
  • Lean Management
  • Steps to move your organization toward an agile organization
  • New tools for managing an Agile organization (Thinking Tools & Process Tools)
  • Forming teams and managing people expertise

Strategic Agile Workshop

Agile Change

  • What do we want to achieve?
  • How we achieve our goals?
  • What needs to be changed?
  • What will the change cost?
  • What advantages will be gained?

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Agile & Lean Leadership

  • Direction Setting
  • Aligning Constituencies
  • Motivating and Inspiring